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Our web store is an efficient way to get current price information for a few items or a whole school. Add the items to your cart and print before you log out for a list with item codes and correct product names.

Exceptional Program Support

We provide an amazing number of training presentations on our web site. They are free and available 24/7. All teachers, aides, student teachers and interested parents can learn by working through these presentations. Together they amount to a mini methods course. Several use animation to create an interactive learning experience others use video. Please invest some time to review these offerings and our "How To Videos." College methods courses rarely mention techniques for handwriting instruction and the experiences offered here will save your new teachers a lot of frustration.

Peterson Directed Handwriting also offers in depth training for teachers, aides, tutors and student teachers through a web site interface that is also available 24/7. This guided-tour training is supported by live interaction with a Peterson specialist via the internet or telephone. The training interface page guides specific learning and the use of special tools for teaching and evaluation. You can make this resource available for your staff by requesting the URL for our Teacher Training Interface. You can also purchase scheduled, private support sessions that will be arranged to meet your needs and schedule. You can arrange for a meeting lasting up to ninety minutes for $35.00. On-going support for quick questions is always available free throughout the school year via our Adobe Connect Meeting on line.

It is clear that your technology and the internet offer a much better way to work together. We are very proud to take the lead yet again. Over the last several years we have prepared for a Distance Learning approach in order to return to our roots. Distance learning with our Adobe Connect interface affords direct, personal communication and delivery of in-depth training to each person who is interested in learning.

A calendar is available on our site which shows days and times for "Open Forum" meetings. Stop by to ask questions or discuss issues and strategy. This support service is free.

Please consider making Peterson training and support available to your staff. All it takes is a quick email to open the door to information for you and your staff at any time they wish to access it, and to specialist support by telephone and/or the internet. Our contact page offers phone numbers and email links.



Download Useful PDFs:

Self-Evaluation Guide
Position Skill Evaluation Tool
Cursive Rubric
The Letters Tops Evaluation Process

Scope and Sequence
Are you looking for information to update your language arts curriculum or district standards? This document precisely explains the goal of handwriting instruction and the movement connection. It also provides a level by level statement of skills and behaviors.

Tracking Fluency
Track fluency as an indicator of progress. A one-minute timed writing exercise produces a numeric indicator we call the fluency quotient. It is easy to find the student who needs help.



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