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Use Your Mobile Tablet for Instruction

Our new app provides letter movement-model animations that make it easy for your child to learn how to build print or cursive letters. Animations (and our Action Words) are provided for each letter and numeral in vertical print, slant print and cursive alphabets. Chant the action words aloud while writing in the air with the animated strokes to learn "FLUENT" movement. Then use the voice to guide the pencil on paper.

Watch this short demonstration video to see how it works. The app also brings direct access to our YouTube channel and the many videos offered. New videos are automatically included as they are launched. Take advantage of the coming series of student-oriented videos.

The Peterson Handwriting app is now available in the app store for your iPad, iPhone and iPod, or in Google Play for your Android phone or tablet.


Click above to take your preschooler or kindergartner to see Raggs present a jazzy alphabet song! Your child can learn to recognize the print capital letters, and watch as the print lowercase letters are written rhythmically and correctly. This song really moves so it should hold the attention of your little one.

Improves handwriting skills and enhances spelling, vocabulary and composition skills

While good handwriting skills can make a positive impression on teachers and potential employers, did you know that learning the Peterson Directed Method of handwriting creates powerful links to enhance learning of spelling, vocabulary and composition skills? A free presentation explains the impact of movement-based training in detail.

Our proven methodology focuses on smooth, rhythmic motion with audible reinforcement to improve attention span, motor skills, muscle memory and ultimately handwriting fluency. The goal is to create ‘instant words’ which can be easily written with minimal use of the visual feedback system. This frees up brain processing power to focus on composition of the message rather than thinking about how to put the letters together on the page.

Peterson Handwriting provides a wide variety of tools for individual students, teachers, administrators and parents that support proper training techniques for all skill levels from pre-school to adult. Our classroom and home school kits provide teachers with lesson plans, student materials and unique tools needed to get children started on the right path. We also provide tools that allow parents, teachers and administrators to analyze student progress and monitor training results.

Now you can utilize computer technology to implement the Peterson training techniques. Our E-workbooks utilize Adobe Reader allowing you to lead lessons and print your own practice materials.

Peterson Directed Handwriting is committed to improving the handwriting skills and thus the language skills of all students. To achieve this it is important to ensure that teachers have the proper tools and training needed. We offer on-line meeting rooms, webinars and customized training sessions to make it as easy as possible to provide the assistance you need to help your students learn effectively.

Electronic WorkbooksTraining Tools Classroom Homeschool animated letter cards The Peterson Method Video