Do It Yourself Evaluation and Coaching

The Peterson Method curriculum uses a unique movement based strategy to teach skills for fluency and legibility. It is evidence-based instruction.

Teachers and parents who are trying to develop handwriting skills face several problems.

  • One is knowledge about how to evaluate for needs.
  • The other is knowledge about how to coach toward changes that result in improved skill.

The files provided here for download offer help for establishing an evidence based process for regular evaluation of specific qualities that relate to process skills. A number of special tools and techniques to make the evaluation process work are also provided.

The Self Evaluation Guide will show you how to put the plan in place. The various tools will guide needs assessment and selection of specific legibility sub skills for practice that will lead to improvement of legibility through understanding and thoughtful application.

  • You will have a simple technique to guide critical thinking that your child can use and understand.
  • You will learn how to measure and track fluency with objective data that can be gathered easily.


Will you evaluate writing or drawing?

The motor system (IM) can successfully guide an automatic handwriting process when we provide regular opportunity for that system to practice. You can easily include fluent movement as a goal in your handwriting lessons. We pray that this set of coaching tools will bring you back to find our materials for teaching fluent movement. If you are interested to learn more, please stop by our welcome page for links to great products and a wealth of information about teaching handwriting.

As promised in our ads in The Link and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, the links below will bring some very special information and tools. We have added a few extra items as well. We hope these gifts will lead to a long friendship and successful handwriting skill development for your children.

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