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Peterson Directed Handwriting Evaluation and Coaching

The Peterson Method curriculum uses a unique movement based strategy to teach skills for fluency and legibility. It has always been evidence-based instruction. Teachers and parents who are trying to develop handwriting skills face several problems. One is knowledge about how to evaluate for needs. The other is knowledge about how to coach toward changes that result in improved skill. The files provided here for download offer help for establishing an evidence based process for regular evaluation of specific qualities that relate to process skills. A number of special tools and techniques to make the evaluation process work are also provided.

The Self Evaluation Guide will show you how to put the plan in place. The various tools will guide needs assessment and selection of specific legibility sub skills for practice that will lead to improvement of legibility through understanding and thoughtful application. You will have a simple technique to guide critical thinking that your child can use and understand. You will learn how to measure and track fluency with objective data that can be gathered easily.

Below you will find some awesome extras that will likely change your handwriting teaching strategy along with your design of spelling and vocabulary lessons. Learn how motor learning can be a tool for language skill development while simultaneously improving handwriting fluency and legibility.

Learn about the movement based strategy that lets you teach, and your student practice, fluent movement. Supporting research is referenced in the strategy paper.

The Teaching Task - Click Here to Watch Web Presentation
The link above will take your browser to a presentation that will run automatically in your browser. The program runs just under twenty minutes. You will need speakers or a headset for the sound. The presentation provides an overview of the teaching task, specifics on each step in the method for instruction and tips on correlation that will help with transfer of learning into applied work.

Why Trace and Copy Activities Fail - Click Here to Watch Web Presentation
The link above will take your browser to a new and powerful presentation illustrating WHY TRACE AND COPY ACTIVITES FAIL SO MANY CHILDREN. if your child labors to put thoughts on paper this 12-minute slide show will show you one probable source of the problem. Learn why Peterson does not recommend tracing of models with a pencil or crayon and find out how we use our unique, color/rhythm models to teach better movement.

The Muscle Memory Story - Click here to download
Written for a grade four student, the story translates recent motor science revelations about handwriting movement into lesson objectives a student can understand. Learn about the real goal for practice activities. Do they ask why practice is necessary - moan and groan when you suggest it? This story should make a difference and it describes a way to make practice fun.