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Effective Lessons in Cursive Writing

Good cursive skills are more than a sign of educational accomplishment. Learning handwriting has been shown to have far reaching benefits, delivering better test scores.

  • In a report from the American Psychological Association first graders who learned cursive performed better in reading and spelling.
  • Research shows that writing by hand activates the parts of the brain that are involved in memory, impulse control, and attention.
  • A 2014 study found that college students who took notes by hand demonstrated better conceptual understanding and memory of the material than students who took notes using a laptop. This effect is likely to hold true for younger students as well.

The Peterson Method curriculum uses a unique movement-based strategy to teach skills for fluency and legibility. We use a unique color rhythm method combined with vocalizations that aid in developing the motor memory skills to write fluidly and confidently.

The Tools Every School District Needs

Peterson Directed Classroom Kits are available for each grade level.

The Tools Every
School District Needs

The Peterson Directed Handwriting curriculum offers almost 100 individual products organized into 14 sortable categories. Click the image at right to visit our online store and explore resources ranging from eWorkbooks and Lesson Sheets to Teacher Handbooks and Wall Alphabet Cards.

We have everything you need to establish a successful learning plan, one you can put to use immediately in helping students master the skill of handwriting and enjoy the benefits cursive can bring to their educational careers.