We Write To Read Student Text Grade 4


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This level guides continued improvement of fluency and legibility of cursive as it introduces adult proportion. The text is designed to overcome issues with transfer from teacher displays on chalkboard or overhead. It provides two kinds of models to make directed lessons time efficient.

Color/rhythm movement models enhance learning of smooth, rhythmic movement by showing the parts within the whole. Students finger-trace to learn sequence and rhythmic movement by chanting a grammar of action as they move. Models also show the child how the target form will be written on practice paper. Students write on practice paper not in the text.

The book is forty staple-stitched pages (8.5″ by 5.5″). The We Write To Read series has been in continuous use in schools since 1972. The Teacher Handbook provides a daily lesson outline for the teacher in grades 4-8.. The goal is fluency. Measure and track fluency along with legibility to judge mastery.

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