Home School Kit – Complete Grades 5-8


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Kit contains: Teacher Handbook with complete lesson outline, Student Text, Position Guides, Pencil, Animated Letter Cards CD, Supplemental teacher information. The teacher handbook provides a daily lesson plan outline for skill improvement. The student text provides color/rhythm movement models and self-evaluation guidance. The student text is not a copybook offering space for practice. It is designed for use with inexpensive practice paper.

The goal remains to improve fluency and legibility through regular practice of rhythmic movement. The Animated Letter Cards CD allows gross-motor training that is necessary if real change is to be accomplished at the fine level for adult writing size. If you remember the need to master gross size prior to size reduction, there is no need to start a student at a lower level.

Please also take a look at the e-workbook, Cursive Step 4. You may find it convenient to print student practice pages from your computer.


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