Home School Kit – Complete Pre-K & K


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The teacher handbook provides readiness lesson plans using reproducible pages also included in the manual. The ABC’s and 123’s student text offers huge color/rhythm models for teaching the correct movement sequence by finger-tracing. Position guides teach paper holding for writing position. The “Finger Fitter” thick, triangular pencils help with development of a correct, relaxed grip on the pencil. The Animated Letter Cards CD allows you to use your computer for gross motor patterning air-writing exercises. The movement-based method of instruction enhances internalization by directly engaging the motor system which guides fluent movement. The challenge to learn how to use smooth, rhythmic movement is a key to the long history of success.

The Peterson “directed” exercise lesson is unique because it makes it easy for you to teach the child how to move smoothly through production sequences from the beginning. The grammar of action is designed to elicit smooth, rhythmic, goal-oriented movement. Our exclusive color/rhythm models for finger-trace learning activities show parts within the whole to greatly enhance the learning process. Watch the video to see how the book is used to teach the movement sequences.


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