We Write To Reach Teacher Handbook Grade 3


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We Write To Read lesson plans guide specific process instruction that includes rhythmic movement for all cursive forms. From the simple basic strokes through all letter forms, directed lessons enhance internalization of movement sequences in Develop lessons, improve control of the movement in Practice sessions and stimulate word internalization in Applied lessons. The goal for this level is size reduction to enalble a transistion to cursive for applied writing.

Rhythmic movement is one measured characteristic of fluent, automatic handwriting movement for legibility. Students learn to move the pencil with the voices as the chant of action words creates a beat. The movement challenge is both fun and engaging. The challenge is also important for general improvements of sequencing and processing of written language.

A new e-book teacher manual for cursive is also available. It is designed for learning support, tutors and home schools where remediation or instruction in small groups can progress more rapidly. See “Yes, You Can Teach Cursive.”


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