We Write To Reach Teacher Handbook Grades 4-8


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We Write To Read series lesson plans lead your class through a sequence of instruction based upon related movements. The lessons guide a review and at the same time, present a new challenge – improve legibility and fluency. The goal is to improve legibility at adult size while increasing fluency (letters per minute) at the same time. The rhythm challenge is a key to improving fluency and legibility for students in grades 4 – 8.

When your students want to print, teach them how to “print cursive” in applied work. The result will be much improved fluency and processing over time. Cursive print exaggerates the control process as they use cursive forms. They will soon forget to lift and begin to take advantage of the rhythmic threading process that makes cursive writing so efficient for those who have learned how to control the movements automatically.

A new e-book teacher manual for cursive is also available. It is designed for learning support, tutors and home schools where remediation or instruction in small groups can progress more rapidly. See “Yes, You Can Teach Cursive.”


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