We Write To Read Teacher Handbook Pre-K & K


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Daily lessons for six weeks cover the introduction of basic directionality concepts using black line pages included in the manual. The readiness lessons address basic position skills with coloring activities. This is particularly important if you wish to use cursive to introduce written language. Print or cursive, the goal is to correlate movement instruction into your reading readiness program.

For those who wish to use print for the introduction, the ABC’s and 123’s student text provides movement models for conducting the physical movement training in the sequence of your reading readiness program. We also offer e-workbooks for production of student printwriting practice.

ISBN 1890666378

For those who wish to teach cursive first, a new e-book teacher manual for cursive is available. It is designed for direct instruction and is also supported by e-workbook products for learning support, tutors and home schools where remediation or instruction in small groups can be based upon mastery and progress more rapidly. See “Yes, You Can Teach Cursive” and E-workbooks.


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