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The Peterson Method curriculum uses a unique movement-based strategy to teach skills for fluency and legibility. We use a unique color rhythm method combined with vocalizations that aid in developing the motor memory skills to write fluidly and confidently.

The Peterson Method employs evidence-based instruction. Teachers and parents who are trying to develop handwriting skills face several problems. One is knowledge on how to evaluate for needs. The other is knowing how to coach toward changes that result in improved skill.

Our workbooks and materials provide the tools needed to establish evidence based process for regular evaluation of specific qualities that relate to process skills.  You can learn more by visiting our Video Lessons page.

Five FAQs About Cursive

  1. Studies show that writing information by hand improves memory and enhances understanding.
  2. Handwriting is slower than keyboarding, a benefit that encourages the full development of thoughts and more reasoned ideas.
  3. Rather than abandoning handwriting, many of the most advanced electronic devices from Apple and Microsoft, along with uniquely cursive focused devices like the remarkable tablet embrace cursive as an undying part of future technology.
  4. It has been demonstrated that kids with better handwriting have better reading grades, better reading scores on the SAT, and better math scores, both on the SAT and as it relates to grades.
  5. Many accomplished people consider it critical to their success to keep a notebook and pen on hand to jot down or work out their ideas, and many writers still prefer a handwritten first draft.

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The Tools Every
Home School Student Needs

The Peterson Directed Handwriting curriculum offers almost 100 individual products organized into 14 sortable categories. Click the image at right to visit our online store and explore resources ranging from eWorkbooks and Lesson Sheets to Teacher Handbooks and Wall Alphabet Cards.

We have everything you need to establish a successful learning plan, one you can put to use immediately in helping students master the skill of handwriting and enjoy the benefits cursive can bring to their educational careers.

Videos Available Free Online

Learn Cursive Step by Step. Ten Videos and Awesome Extra help for Home School Students to learn and apply the Peterson Directed Handwriting method. Sample Videos are below. Visit our How to Video page to access all available videos, downloads, and extras.